Welcome to That Luxe Life – the lifestyle concept store and digital magazine that helps you create your own luxury, to enhance your everyday lifestyle and wellbeing.


Our ‘why’...

We curate and handpick our collections to provide you with simple yet impactful pieces. It is our aim to provide you with beautiful products that heighten your everyday. Our focus is on quality over quantity – we firmly believe that in investing in key pieces that enhance your wellbeing, you can create a feeling of calm and happiness through self-care and mindfulness.

When you slow down and really think about the decisions you make, your everyday becomes more meaningful. Making conscious decisions will help you create a lifestyle that is in line with who you are as an individual, instead of moving along with society and being influenced by trends and social pressures. 

Our curated collection provides you with access to quality and timeless pieces, that will really make a difference to your lifestyle. From organic candles and diffusers, to ecofriendly homewares and beautiful accessories, our product range is designed to uplift, while being conscious and considerate of the environment.

We are passionate about doing everything we can to decrease the environmental impact we have on our planet. View our sustainability statement here. 


The luxury lifestyle…

Luxury means different things to each and everyone of us. We are here to help you create your very own luxury, through clever design and creativity, with a focus on wellbeing and sustainability.

We encourage you to step away from surrounding yourself with items of little meaning. Through our curated products and our digital magazine, we aim to support you in creating a stripped back lifestyle.

When we surround ourselves with clutter and continue to consume more and more, everything seems to have less meaning as the days pass by. Excess can cause us to feel stressed, overwhelmed and endlessly unsatisfied.

In taking a step back and learning to overcome the desire for excess, we can enhance our lives with pieces that genuinely add value, whether this be practicality or beauty. This approach instead instils a feeling of calm, of happiness and satisfaction. That to us is what luxury is all about.