The Full Summer Gift Guide: Unique Alternatives to the Basic Bottle of Wine

Summer Gift Guide

Summer is the most sociable time of the year. From BBQs and dinner parties, to weddings and birthdays, for many of us there’s always some kind of up and coming event to attend. Generally speaking, we don’t like to turn up to any kind of function where food and drink is provided by the host empty handed, but arriving with a bottle of wine can become a little repetitive. With this in mind, here are a few foolproof summer gift ideas that offer a little more excitement, and that your hosts are sure to love…

Himalayan Salt Candle Holder

This is the perfect unique gift for anyone interested in wellbeing and on a journey to become more mindful. Not just beautiful, himalayan salt also offers a variety of health benefits in the home. Working to absorb toxins and positive ions from the air, when heated the salt releases cleansed water vapor back into the air as well as negative ions. This creates better air quality and healthier living conditions. 

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Japanese Gin

Craft Gin

A great alternative to the classic ‘bring a bottle’, this Japanese Gin by Cambridge Distillery uses Japanese botanicals to achieve a unique flavour. The striking bottle makes for a surprising gift and offers much more than a simple bottle of wine ever could. If attending a BBQ or similar, if you’re lucky your host may crack the bottle open then and there, giving you the opportunity to sample this beautiful and unusual gin. 

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Wildheart Organics Calm Candle

A candle always makes for a lovely gift, especially one that’s designed to encourage relaxation. Made from pure soy wax with a cotton wick, the Wildheart Organics Calm Candle features a blend of lavender, green mandarin and sandalwood and contains 100% pure essential oils. 

Designed to enhance both wellbeing and mood, the candle comes in an amber apothecary style jar and an eco-friendly sleeve.

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Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

A plant always makes for a lovely gift, no matter the occasion. A rubber plant is a unique option and fairly easy to care for, making it ideal for even the inexperienced houseplant parent. Also know as a Ficus, the range from PATCH will suit all budgets - the Ficus plants start at just £8 for the smaller options, right up to £55 for larger plants.

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If you opt for a small rubber plant, consider gifting it in a stylish pot. Our Terracotta Aztec Pattern Planter is a great choice and is the ideal size for small to medium rubber plants. 

Hand-tied Bouquet 

Bohemian Flowers


There’s nothing better than a beautiful hand-tied summer bouquet. Ideal for birthdays, engagement parties or simple summer get togethers, the bouquets by Bloom & Wild are simply stunning and are sure to blow your host away. Thoughtful and unique, there are lots of bouquets to choose from in different colour palettes, all of which can be ordered online.

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As you can see, there are so many wonderful alternatives to turning up with a bottle of wine to a social gathering. Think outside the box and give your host something beautiful that you know they will love this summer.

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