The Full Guide to: 2019 Tile Trends

2019 Tile Trends

Today there are more options for wall and floor tiles than ever before. Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles or you simply want to create a unique feature in your home, the tiles of the 21st century are versatile and stylish.

When it comes to choosing new tiles it’s important to be happy with your decision, due to the permanent nature of floor and wall tiles. From marble, terra-cotta and geometric tiles, to zellige, terrazzo and tainted glass tiles, 2019 presents a variety of unique new trends.

 Read on to discover the 2019 tile trends, styling tips, ideas and money saving advice, for updating your splashback, floor tiles or bathroom tiles this year…


2019 Tile Trends 

Gone are the days when you had to choose from five colours and two shapes. Tiles have become an important statement in our homes. With so many colours, shapes and patterns to choose from, today we’re able to create a completely unique finish with wall and floor tiles…


Tainted Glass Tiles

Unique Kitchen Tiles

This year there is a lot of focus on contrasting textures. The tainted glass tile is ultra glossy and is the perfect way to add contrast between glossy wall tiles and raw textured flooring and finishes. Think of this as the metro tile update – the tainted glass tile will be popular in the metro shape, but with a high gloss finish in neutral tones.


Terra-cotta Tiles

Pink Bathroom Tiles

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This isn’t a repeat of the ‘terra-cotta everything’ trend of the ‘70s, more of a nod to the natural and rustic material that is terra-cotta. With a 21st century update, the terra-cotta tile is back in a big way, in paler tones and in a unique hexagonal shape. Mixed with pastel tones, the terra-cotta orange is creamier, softer and more versatile. Try medium sized hexagonal terra-cotta floor tiles with white grout to enhance the softer shade.


Geometric Cement Tiles

Pink Tiles

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Geometric tiles are a great way to add pattern and interest to an otherwise simple scheme.  Think Moroccan and Cuban style patterns in a variety of colours. For 2018 printed tiles are becoming less intricate and fussy, featuring simple geometic shapes in contrasting colours for a finish that really pops.


Grid Tiles

Grid Tiles

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This tiny tile resembles a modern-day mosaic. Popular in 2018 in bright and pastel shades, from blush pink and sage green to navy blue and forest green, the grid tile is the subway tile update for the year ahead. The perfect way to introduce a retro feel – the grid tile works in both period and modern properties, adding a graphic finish. Try using a white grout to really enhance the pattern for coloured tiles or a grey grout for white tiles.


Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo Tiles

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Terrazzo tiles are all over Pinterest and Instagram. The marble-mosaic flooring was first made popular during the 1920s Art Deco period and it’s back with a bang. This year terrazzo is being used in tiles, perfect for both flooring and wall tiles. Create a statement and a uniform finish in the kitchen or bathroom, by tiling both the walls and the floor in terrazzo. Or add a pop or pattern by using as kitchen splashback tiles.


Oversized Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon Tiles

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The classic black and white hexagon tile gets an update for 2018. This year it’s all about colour when it comes to hexagons, and oversizing. Made from cement, these tiles are super durable and look truly striking. Perfect for both wall and floor tiles, pick a single colour and match them to the rest of your decor, or select a statement shade to add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral scheme.


Brickwork Tiles

Metro White Tiles

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Create an industrial exposed brick effect with textured brickwork style tiles. Longer and narrower than the metro tile, these clay tiles are edgier and create a raw feel. Try in dark shades in the kitchen or bathroom, such as black or deep green with a dark grout, or for a softer look try a pale pink with a white grout.



Tile tips… 

Most of us will only update our tiles when we are renovating our kitchen or bathroom. But tiles can be updated every few years to freshen up a room without having to spend a fortune. Because this is something you would only want to do every few years, it is important to ensure you get the look right.

Pink Bathroom Floor Tiles

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When it comes to choosing the right floor or wall tile, start by gathering some inspiration and ideas. Checking out current trends is a great place to start, but think about how long you might want your tiles to last and why you are changing them in the first place. Is it to bring a room up to date, or maybe to make your home more attractive to prospective buyers? If you’re updating your tiles primarily to inject a little 21st century style, you can be bolder in your colours, patterns, and finishes, whereas if you think you might want to sell in a few years and won’t want to have to replace your tiles again, consider something neutral and timeless.


Think about the placing of your tiles – they can be as practical as they are stylish. In a kitchen, tiles make a great splashback, and can be used along the worktops, but you might want to consider creating a statement wall in tiles – if you have open shelving along one wall for example.


For the bathroom tiles help to protect the walls, creating a waterproof barrier, and so should always sit behind the shower/bath. A splash back behind the sink is recommended too, but splash backs can look a little dated now. Instead try tiling a panel behind the sink, lining up with the sink or vanity unit to create a statement, adding a mirror on top to finish the look.


When it comes to grout, you can choose a contrasting finish or a colour that will blend in with your tiles. To enhance the pattern of your tiles, choose a contrasting grout, such as dark grey with white tiles. To keep the look simple and subtle, opt for a grout in a similar tone, such as grey grout with grey tiles. White grout works well to help make a coloured tile pop, such as white grout with pink tiles.


If you’re looking for an easy way to update your kitchen or bathroom this year, new tiles could be the answer. What are your favourite tile trends for 2019 and which will you be trying? Comment and let us know, or share your style tips.




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