7 Easy Care Houseplants to Introduce to Your Home

Easy Care House Plants

Houseplants are a fantastic way to breathe life into interiors. Often inexpensive, they add an abundance of interest and character for a small investment. Ideal for styling shelves and table tops, houseplants can be placed in pots and planters that perfectly compliment your interior style.

While styling houseplants might be relatively straightforward, many of us fall down when it comes to the care of our houseplants. Of course indoor plants look their best when they are healthy, perky and green, but can become droopy, yellow or brown without the right care.

If you want all the benefits of houseplants in your home, but without the high maintenance care, read on to discover seven easy care houseplants to introduce to your home…

1.Spider Plant

Spider Plant

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Spider Plants are well known because of the fact that they grow small baby plants that can be potted to create new indoor plants. They are pretty hardy, but to flourish they like bright indirect sunlight and well drained soil.

This houseplant likes to dry out between watering, and won’t react too badly should you miss a watering here or there. The roots will fill the pot eventually, so they might need repotting every year or two. You will be able to tell when your spider plant needs to be repotted when the roots start to push through the holes in the base of your pot. 

2.Heart Leaf Philodendron

Heart Leaf Philodendron

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Easy to grow and with beautiful heart shaped leaves, the Heart Leaf Philodendron is a great low maintenance houseplant. These plants will thrive in a small pot for years with very little care. It will only need repotting every three years or so in the spring or early summer. Water when the top of the soil dries out, and keep in bright but indirect sunlight.

To create a more bushy looking plant, you can pinch the stems to create outward growth. Otherwise the Heart Leaf Philodendron will grow outwards and upwards, which it’s perfectly happy doing if you prefer this look.

Geometric Plant Pot

Style... The Terracotta Geometric Black and White Geometric Planter is the ideal size for small to medium Heart Leaf Philodendron.

3.Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant

Prayer plants, also known as the Mantra species, have lovely colourful leaves and aren’t particularly fussy plants. While they prefer some sunshine and a warmer environment, they are pretty hardy and will continue to live in shady spots too.

Mantra need watering about once a week, but can dry out for a short period. Every once in a while, use a damp cloth to remove dust from the leaves and provide extra hydration.

Terracotta Indoor Plant Pot

Style…Try the Terracotta Aztec Pattern Planter which is the perfect size for the Prayer Plant. The soft terracotta shade will beautiful compliment the striking tones within the prayer plant leaves. 

4.Peace Lily

Peace Lily

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With beautiful green foliage, the Peace Lily can also flower. It’s happiest in warm and humid conditions and will thrive in well-lit rooms, but it can be quite healthy anywhere, as long as it’s not in a drafty or cold area. This plant can tolerate short periods of dry soil. You’ll know if you’re not watering it enough as the leaves will start to turn brown when dehydrated. 


Pothos Plant

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The Pothos plant is one of the easiest houseplants to care for. Almost impossible to kill, Pothos like to dry out in between watering, so you don’t have to worry too much if you miss a water or two. You’ll easily be able to spot when this plant is in desperate need of water as the leaves will go dry and eventually start to fall off.

These plants can grow to 10 ft. and more and are happy in pretty much all light conditions. Try placing in a sunny window, or a shady corner and this plant will be equally happy with both. You can also easily root cuttings in water, so that you can propagate and make more lovely spider plants to style shelves with.

Style…Pothos often start life quite small, and can happily stay in the same pot for a number of years. For a small Pothos plant or a new cutting, try the Mini Gold Dipped Cement Planter for a laid back style. 


Easy Houseplants


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Cacti are possibly the most forgiving houseplants, as they require so little care. Cacti like bright light, so are ideal for placing on windowsills or in bright sunny rooms. They don’t need a lot of water, in fact over watering cacti is the most common cause of death in these plants. Water sparingly and ensure the soil never becomes waterlogged.

Eyes Shut Planter

Style…For a playful way to display cacti and succulents, try the Mini Eyes Shut Planter, which is the perfect size for small cactus.  

7.Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen Plant

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The Chinese Evergreen Plant can work in most rooms and generally prefers low or indirect sun, making it great for shady spots. It likes its soil to dry out for a few days in between watering, so no worries here if you accidentally water a few days late. Ideally avoid placing in drafty or cold areas, but otherwise this plant is really beautiful and easy to care for. 

Which house plants do you swear by or are your particular favourites? Comment and share your tips...

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