5 Stylish Storage Solutions to Declutter your Home

Stylish Storage Solutions

While it may not sound all that exciting, storage is a really important aspect of the home. Often overlooked, well planned storage helps us keep on top of organising our homes, as well as maintaining a calm environment that’s a joy to spend time in.

Storage doesn’t have to be boring or uninspiring though, and can become an integral part of both the look and function of your home. If you feel like you need to find ways to tidy away clutter and organise your possessions, read on to discover five stylish storage solutions…

1.Introduce simple baskets to get small items off tabletops

Stylish Storage Bakets


Almost everyone has that one area in their home where clutter just seems to gather. It’s likely you try and clear it away at least once a week, but it always ends up reappearing again just as quickly. This often happens because there’s nowhere else to put it - everything needs its place, and there are a lot of bits and bobs we just don’t know where to put.

Solution: Invest in stylish storage baskets to tidy away the bits and bobs that don’t have a home. Where possible, place the storage baskets close to where the clutter gathers. You could consider introducing shelving to store baskets away neatly. If you have the space, put up three or four shelves. Dedicate two shelves to stylish storage baskets, and one or two simply for decor such as plants, candles and vases.

Keep the look cohesive and invest in several of the same baskets. For example, on one shelf you could use four of our Aztec Canvas Storage Baskets in Natural, and on the other shelf use the same baskets but in black.


2.Make use of alcoves and awkward corners

Alcove Cupboards

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While bespoke storage might be expensive, it’s the best way to make the most of the space that you have. Built in cupboards and shelving in alcoves makes use of every spare inch, and can look really neat and stylish. Built in storage will also add value to your home, so anything you have made should be well worth the investment.

Alcove cupboards and shelving don’t have to be plain and white either. Consider painting them a unique colour to create a feature, and add interesting door knobs and handles to add interest.

When it comes to introducing more storage, many of us look at the floor space that we have, instead of the wall space. Make more use of your available space by building storage upwards. The space around door frames offers a great opportunity for book storage that won’t take up any floor space and will look stylish and unique. 


3.Marie Kondo your kitchen cupboards

Marie Kondo Tips

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If you’re yet to watch Tidying up With Marie Kondo on Netflix, add it to your watch list now. Marie goes into very cluttered homes, and transforms them using simple storage solutions.

A great way to declutter your kitchen and organise all your cupboards and drawers is with storage baskets, and lots of them. This is a really simple way to make spending time in the kitchen cooking and preparing food so much more straightforward. Once everything is organised into baskets, instead of loose in drawers, it’s so much easier to find what you need and will make for a far less frustrating experience.


4.Stash magazines and blankets in baskets


Everybody loves a woven seagrass basket - not only do they look great, they also provide some practical storage to keep things off the floor and tidied away. Our Large Seagrass Storage Basket is big enough to stand magazines in, or fold away several blankets for colder evenings.

Large woven baskets could also be used to tidy away toys if your children play in your living space, and could hold towels and spare bedding in the guest bedroom.


5.Organise your wardrobe and dressing table with stylish storage baskets

Dressing Table Organisation

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A messy and unorganised wardrobe or dressing table can be a daily source of frustration. Opening your wardrobe or sitting down at your dressing table daily and not being able to find what you need is never going to be a great start to the day. While it might seem like a big task, organising your wardrobe, skincare products and makeup will just take an afternoon, and will make a huge difference.

Invest in small storage baskets to keep everything organised. If you have a shelf in the bottom or the top of your line wardrobe baskets up and keep things like belts, socks and underwear tidy and separated. When it comes to your dressing table, if you have a drawer place things like cotton pads, skincare and haircare products in baskets to keep them neat and organised. Alternatively, if you choose stylish storage baskets, put them on top of your dressing table to make accessing what you need quickly easy.

Taking a step back and noticing what bothers you day to day will help you start to establish exactly where you need more storage and how you can improve the organisation of your home. Think outside the box when it comes to storage beyond basic plastic boxes, instead choosing to invest in stylish pieces that will compliment your decor.

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