5 Low Cost Home Decor Accessories With a Big Impact

Home Decor Accessories

If you’ve ever sat back at home and felt like something is missing or your room needs a refresh, you’re not alone. Within our homes, it’s difficult not to constantly analyse the space around us and the smaller details, finding reasons to make changes. While endlessly changing your interior schemes isn’t cost effective or environmentally friendly, we all get that itch to update our decor from time to time. 

Instead of completely switching up your decor on a regular basis, try these low cost home decor accessories that will have a big impact on both the look and feel of your home…

1.White Pom Pom Cushion Cover - £18

A great way to update your living room or bedroom decor is to switch up your soft furnishings. If you want to create a fresh and simple style, white or cream cushions are a great option. Our White Pom Pom Cushion Cover will add interest. Made from soft velvet, it’s finished with a pom pom trim to add a bohemian edge to this otherwise simple and contemporary design. 


  1. Large Macrame Wall Hanging - £16


Be creative and think outside the box when it comes to wall decor. Consider introducing wall hangings as an alternative to framed art and prints. Our Large Macrame Wall Hanging will add texture and interest while maintaining a neutral scheme. Ideal for nordic inspired homes, this wall hanging uses a traditional macrame rope design and is ideal for creating a unique finish in bedrooms and your living space. 

  1. Nordic Sand and White Woven Rug - £29.99


Introducing or changing rugs within your home is another small change that will have a big impact. Floor coverings play an important role in interior design, helping to add focus and define specific areas such as the living space or dining area. The Nordic Sand and White Woven Rug features a stylish geometric pattern in white and woven jute. At 70cm x 100cm, it’s ideal for placing at the side of the bed, in your entrance hall or under a small piece of furniture such a coffee table. 

  1. Large Seagrass Storage Basket - £19.99


Reduce clutter and tidy away blankets or magazines, with the Large Seagrass Storage Basket. Perfect for adding a bohemian update to your home, this storage basket would work in almost every room. Made from woven seagrass with black detailing, this is a unique and eye catching design that will have a big impact on your interiors. 

  1. Vintage Bamboo Magazine Rack

Bamboo is big in interiors at the moment, but it’s not something that will date quickly, especially if you make use of wood and natural details in your home in general. Our Vintage 1970s Bamboo Magazine Rack offers practical storage as well as bohemian style. Place an armchair to make a cosy and practical reading nook. 

Updating your interiors doesn’t have to cost the earth. Subtle changes can make all the difference, and it’s well worth investing in pieces that you will love for the long term, rather than buying items for a short term fix.


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