5 Interior Design Trends to Try in 2019

2019 Interior Design Trends

The start of a new year is an exciting time for interior design enthusiasts and home doer-uppers. New trends are starting to gain momentum, and as the sale lines sell out, new season homewares, paint shades and furniture starts to land.

Whether you’re looking to completely update your schemes, or you simply want to add an on-trend piece or two to your home, there are lots of new design concepts and products to lust over. Read on to discover the five interior design trends that will dominate in 2019, as well as your curated shopping list...



Monochrome Bedroom

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Minimalism has been gaining followers steadily during the last decade, so it’s no surprise that this minimalist approach to colour schemes has increased in popularity. In order to create a calming and sensitive interior, layer shades of black and white, and black and white only.

This tone-on-tone look takes a little bit of extra research and product sourcing, but the results are very sophisticated. With Instagram accounts that are dedicated to black and white schemes,  you can quickly see why this look has become so popular. The approach seems simple, but it takes discipline to pull together a room that is solely black and white.


Style it: The monochrome look is particularly effective in the bedroom, to create a calm and tranquil sanctuary. Choose how dark you want to go with your tones and stick to that through out – choose either black and white, charcoal and white or a mid grey and white. For a striking contrast go for black and white, or for a softer feel go for grey and white.

For black and white, paint walls white and choose a pale wood floor or paint floorboards black or white. Choose a bed with a black or white headboard, and dress with white sheets, and black and white patterned cushions and throws – using a pattern will help break the look up and add interest to this otherwise plain scheme. Create a gallery wall or use a large print above the bed as a focal point, choosing prints and pictures guessed it, black and white.

For a softer look try the same approach using grey instead of black. Add industrial style pendant lighting and a few plants to break the look up.  


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Aztec Beech Round Stool - £26


Bohemian Decor

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According to’s predictions for interior design trends for 2019, velvet is going to be huge this year. The luxe material is set to be the fabric of choice for statement soft furnishings, and will also appear on sofas and chairs.


Style it: It’s easy to update your home with velvet pieces to add a subtle and sophisticated wow factor. Try swapping a few of your cushions for velvet alternatives in the lounge or bedroom, or if you’re in the market for a new sofa, consider velvet as your material of choice. Choose colours that fit with the rest of your scheme. You might be surprised by how big a difference it makes to add a new texture to a room, making this a simple and cost effective update for 2018.


Key pieces: 

 White Pom Pom Trim Cushion Cover - £16


Statement Brights

Bright Colour Palette

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The last few years have been all about Nordic influences, with white, greys and raw materials being at the top of our lust list. Interior design gets a fun update in 2018 – neutral palettes are still in, but with a pops of statement colours to add vibrancy.

Style it: Think white walls and a turquoise sofa, complimented by turquoise tones in wall art and accessories, or white walls and tiles in the kitchen, with peacock blue kitchen units with gold handles. 

This year add a wow factor to otherwise neutral interiors, with one statement colour. It’s down to you how big you go – choose just one statement piece and leave it at that, or choose accessories and soft furnishings in the same tone for a colourful yet chic and simple scheme.


Industrial Metals

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The new metals for the season include polished gold, bronze and industrial silver. For a few years now rose gold and copper have dominated, but 2018 is all about introducing metals with a raw edge.


Style it: Try introducing industrial style metals into your home through shelving, choosing unpolished brackets in bronze or silver. For lighting try genuine vintage factory pendants and fittings, which you can pick up online and at antique markets. Don’t worry about knocks and unpolished edges, this year it’s all about creating authentic industrial interiors. We will see less in the way of polished metals that add a luxe finish this year, and more in the way of rustic and raw metals.

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Statement Art 

Livingroom Decor

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Switch out gallery walls in favour of statement art in 2018. This year it’s all about going big and bold, choosing a piece that draws your eye to it as soon as you enter the room. 

Style it: Choose prints that compliment the rest of your décor, and opt for one very large print or two complimentary prints to sit side by side. Draw the eye to a statement piece of furniture with a statement piece of art, such as the sofa in your lounge, bed in your bedroom or console table in your hallway. With statement art its all about adding drama, in a way that compliments the rest of your scheme.

Choose a thin boarder frame for a modern look that works with the rest of the room. Let your art speak for itself rather than relying on the frame to draw attention – choose a white frame for a light wall, or a dark frame for a dark wall – allowing the artwork to be the star of the show.


Which interior design trends will you be embracing this year? Are there any you really love? Comment and let us know, and don’t forget to share your style tips too.

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