12 Bohemian Interior Design Ideas for Boho Chic Decor

Bohemian Interior Design

Taking a modern bohemian interior design approach offers the best of both worlds - allowing you to create a contemporary scheme with an eclectic feel. Not so long ago, contemporary interiors were all about minimalism, but bohemian interior design allows us to take a more maximalist approach to styling. Think all white walls and wood floors, styled with lots of textiles, pattern and colour, as well as lots of textures and different finishes to add interest. 

By adopting bohemian interior design characteristics we can create those white and bright spaces that we love, while adding character and personality. Read on to discover 12 bohemian interior design styles for boho chic decor...

  1. Update Bedding for a Relaxed Bohemian Bedroom

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A simple update to turn neutral interiors into a bohemian bedroom with a relaxed vibe is to switch up your bedding. Layering is key in bohemian interior design - for a double bed think 5-6 cushions and 2-3 throws to create the ultimate bohemian bedroom. When assembling your bohemian room decor don’t be afraid to mix and match pattern - go for different patterns across each piece for a super eclectic look, or stick to two or three patterns and plain pieces for a subtle boho chic feel.

Similarly to your approach to pattern, if you want to create an eclectic style, don’t be afraid to mix and even clash colour, or to keep things simple pick out a colour palette, such as rusts, oranges and creams. When styling your bed, go for a relaxed vibe, with throws and cushions arranged in an organic way, rather than a more uniform and matching style. For a monochrome patterned throw, try the Scandi Boho Throw to add pattern and texture while maintaining a neutral colour scheme. 

2. Swap Old and Tired Flooring for Moroccan Floor Tiles

Moroccan Floor Tiles

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A great way to introduce a bohemian feel in the bedroom or living room is through the use of textured and patterned rugs, such as Persian rugs or berber styles. Of course this isn’t always practical in the kitchen or the bathroom, so a great alternative is Moroccan style tiles. Practical, durable and stylish, a patterned floor tile is a great way to add an instant bohemian feel. Claybrook Studio has a fantastic range with rustic textures and vibrant colours, as well as more muted options. 

  1. Introduce Bamboo, Rattan and Wicker

Bohemian Interior Design

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If you are looking for bohemian interior design ideas for the living room, furniture and accessories don’t come much more boho than pieces in bamboo, rattan or wicker. In your living room, try a rattan armchair dressed with an aztec print cushion and accompanied by a bamboo magazine rack. For your kitchen-diner, try a rustic wood table with mix and match chairs, introducing a couple in rattan or wicker, and the rest in a colour to avoid there being too much wood. In your bedroom, a bamboo storage unit would work well, to display books and decorative accessories.

  1. Invest in Colourful Crockery 

Artisan Crockery

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When it comes to dressing your table, rustic and unique crockery is a must. Think speckled serveware, mugs in teal, plates in muted orange and cutlery in brass. Go for handmade style crockery with organic textures and colours with a rustic feel. Dress your table further with a runner in a tribal print. Go for a neutral runner such as black and white and allow your crockery to take centre stage. Cerami make beautiful artisan crockery and have some wonderful pieces that would work perfectly in a bohemian home. 

  1. Update Textiles with Ethnic Patterns for a Subtle Bohemian Update

Ethnic Print Cushions

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Swap plain or traditional print soft furnishings for ethnic prints and woven textures. You can do this across a number of rooms to tie your whole home together and create an overall bohemian feel. Ethnic, aztec and Indian patterns are perfect for soft furnishings such as cushions and throws. If you go for lots of pattern to dress beds, chairs and sofas, balance the look with more simple rugs and curtains. 

  1. Keep Furniture and Finishes Informal

Bohemian Decor Ideas

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Bohemian interior design is all about creating a relaxed feel that doesn’t look too polished or over styled. Avoid very traditional furniture or anything too formal. When it comes to antiques, try rubbing them back to create a worn look, and avoid any high shine varnishes, instead focusing on natural woods or painted furniture. 

  1. Invest in Woven Seagrass Storage Basket 


Storage baskets are great in general to keep clutter tidy around the home. Seagrass baskets have a real bohemian feel to them. Go for a woven style, this large seagrass woven basket is perfect, with the addition of a black pattern woven through, it will add interest to an unused corner as well as versatile storage. Use to stash away toys or magazines and newspapers in the living room, kitchen or bedroom. 

  1. Hang a Macrame Wall Hanging 

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A wall hanging is a great way to add interest with a bohemian vibe. Ideal for introducing more texture while maintaining a neutral colour scheme, a macrame wall hanging is a great alternative to prints and artwork. Try hanging in a narrow entrance hall to create a laid back and welcoming space, hang above an armchair in your living room to style the space, or simply add interest to an otherwise plain corner. 

  1. Create a Bohemian Colour Scheme 

Bohemian Interior Design

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Bohemian design can be pretty flexible when it comes to colour schemes. Some bohemian schemes are packed full of rich shades and are really colourful, while others are more muted and focus more on earthy tones. To create a more modern bohemian scheme, try to choose a colour scheme that you can continue through the entire house. Rust and brown shades work really well against white walls  and can be lifted with pattern and the introduction of brass or copper and an accent colour such as dusky pink or sage green. 

  1. Layer Textures and Patterns 

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Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures and patterns when creating your bohemian home. If you’re going for a super eclectic style, you can mix and match colours and patterns, whereas if you want more of a contemporary bohemian look try to keep things cohesive with your colours and mix up patterns and textures. 

  1. Up Your Houseplant Game

Hanging Houseplants

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Bohemian schemes are crying out for houseplants, and lots of them. If you’re not keen on having lots of vases and decorative items around, create interest with houseplants instead. Style in a mix of simple and patterned pots, such as the Aztec Canvas Storage Basket in Natural. Style plants at varying heights and invest in different sizes - large plants can be placed on the floor, and small to medium plants on table tops and shelves, hanging planters are great to add interest at a higher level too and are ideal if you don’t have a lot of surface space. 

  1. Mix in Other Interior Styles to Create Effortless Bohemian Interiors

Bohemian Interior Design

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Finally, when it comes to pulling your whole scheme together, don’t worry too much about trying to make sure everything is bohemian in style and suits the scheme. Bohemian design is all about styling unique pieces together to create an eclectic look, and so shouldn’t be too polished or overly planned. Vintage, antique, industrial and mid-century pieces all work well with a bohemian scheme and will create a unique look and finish.

Most importantly of all, have fun with your bohemian interior design. Creating boho chic interiors is all about creativity and embracing pattern, texture and if you so wish, colour. A bohemian home is one that’s relaxed, stylish and comfortable, ideal if you prefer laidback interiors over more formal styles.

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