10 Interior Updates for the Summer Season

Interior Updates for the Summer

After a long wait and lots of cloudy and grey weather, summer is finally here and we are fully embracing it. Not only are the days longer and the temperatures warmer, the increased dose of sunshine means that many of us are feeling more positive and upbeat day today. 

This can-do attitude presents the perfect opportunity to get started on a few interior updates. From swapping out winter soft furnishings to bringing the outdoors in, here are 10 interior updates that will help you make the most of the summer season and the sunshine...

1.Swap wool & velvets for linens

Summer Cushions

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Heavy wool blankets and velvet cushions are fantastic for winter, adding a cosy and sumptuous feel to bedrooms and living rooms. Come summer, these materials can feel a little too heavy during the warmer weather. Accessories are easy to update for the new season, simply pack away any winter blankets and cushions until November, and replace with lighter linens. 

A bedspread at the foot of the bed or a throw over the arm of a sofa goes a long way towards dressing the room and adding those all important finishing touches. Instead of wool opt for light summer linen in a warm weather friendly colour palette, such as taupe, beige, white or pastels. Update velvet or knitted cushions too, replacing with light linen covers in simple abstract or geometric patterns. The Geometric Cushion in White and Grey is a great option. 

  1. Add some greenery

House Plants

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A great way to embrace the wonderful changes that summer brings to the natural world around us is to introduce more greenery to your home. Houseplants thrive during the summer months, and can really enhance your interiors. Houseplants work well in almost every room of the house, and will help you feel better connected to nature, even when indoors. If you’re not sure which houseplants you should invest in, our guide to easy to care for houseplants is a great place to start. 

  1. Refresh your colour palette

Patel Interior Design

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If you want your home to work all year round, consider switching up your colour palette between Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. Keep walls and fixtures such as flooring, curtains and artwork to a neutral palette and introduce colour through accessories and soft furnishings. In the summer try airy and light shades such as sage green, or pops of pastels. In the winter you can switch out your summer accessories, going for richer tones such as deep forest green, rust orange or burgundy. 

  1. Blur the lines between inside and out

Beyond opening up your windows and garden doors as often as possible, aim to connect your home to your garden during the summer months. This can be done through clever design tricks, such as continuing the same flooring through from the inside out, dressing your garden to create an outside living space that harmonises with your indoor decor, or connecting your garden to your house through the use of plants and flowers. 

  1. Swap wool rugs for jute

Jute Rug

Fluffy or wool rugs can feel a bit too heavy for the summer. Where possible, pack away your thick and cosy rugs and replace with woven jute floor coverings instead. Rugs are brilliant for adding warmth to wood or tiled floors, and are often still needed during the summer to add interest and texture, but jute is far better suited to the summer season. 

  1. Introduce a botanical print

Botanical Wallpaper

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Another great way to enhance the feeling of nature in your home is through the use of botanical prints. This could be anything from more permanent wallpapers to interchangeable accessories such as cushions and wall art. Choose summery botanicals such as palm prints, instead of more wintery prints such as fir trees. 

  1. Dress a sideboard with fresh flowers

It’s amazing what a difference a bunch of fresh flowers can make in your home. Adding a beautiful floral scent, fresh flowers will subconsciously lift your spirits everytime you pass them, as well as adding that feeling of luxury. Opt for bunches with lots of greener, enhanced by large white flowers and an accent colour that compliments your summer colour scheme. 

  1. Maximise natural light 

Hallway MirrorImage Credit:

One of the easiest ways to update your home for the summer is to take advantage in the increase in natural light. Wherever possible, pull curtains right back and open blinds as far as you can. To enhance the natural light available further, use white on the walls and hang mirrors to bounce the light around the room. Mirrors are great for using in spaces where a lot of natural light might not be available, such as narrow entrance halls to maximise the light and make the space feel bigger and brighter. 


  1. Add a summery home fragrance

The scent in your home is a great way to adjust how you feel and marry up with the seasons. In summer, go for fresh fragrances with a light floral base note, and during the winter switch to more woody spiced scents. Our Wildheart Organics Escape Candle is the perfect summer home fragrance. With rose geranium, orange and rosemary, this light scent will help you feel wide awake yet calm and positive, just like a warm summer’s day might. 

  1. Introduce wicker and rattan to your decor 

Bohemian Furniture

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Huge in interiors right now, wicker and rattan is great for adding a bohemian edge to your home, but it’s also a brilliant way of creating a light and airy summer style. Go for pale rattan or bamboo pieces, such as a rattan armchair and bamboo magazine rack, or even a rattan storage unit. The unique woven design of this kind of furniture will help enhance the feeling of light and space, while adding a Hamptons beach house vibe. 

Updating your home for summer doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul. Small changes such as introducing more house plants, swapping velvet cushions for linen and cotton options and adding a summer home fragrance will create a summery look and feel to lift your spirits during the warmer months.

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